Trimming and Pruning in Kenosha

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When you’re looking to clean up your yard and to help keep your shrubs and trees healthy, contact Prairie Ridge Lawn Service for help with trimming and pruning in Kenosha. Whether it’s cutting out dead branches or merely shaping your bushes and trees into pristine edges and curves, Prairie Ridge will give your yard a fresh face! You will love how healthy your landscaping looks after we are done!

Prairie Ridge Lawn Service can update and improve the look of your landscaping by trimming and pruning in Kenosha and more!

Our trimming and pruning in Kenosha includes:

  • Trimming back overgrown branches
  • Cutting out dead sections of trees and bushes
  • Shaping bushes
  • Straightening edges and curves of hedges
  • Limbing up low-hanging trees
  • Cutting down overgrown sections of bushes for new growth
  • Specialty trimmings


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