Pond Maintenance

At Prairie Ridge Lawn Service, we offer comprehensive pond maintenance services to keep your installation in perfect condition year-round. Our expert team performs a range of essential tasks to ensure the health and beauty of your pond.

We handle every aspect of pond care, from cleaning to water quality testing and algae control. we also perform equipment inspections and repairs to keep your pond running smoothly. Our seasonal maintenance tasks also include winterization.


Our Pond Maintenance Services Include:

  • Cleaning
    • Remove debris
    • Skimming
  • Water Testing
    • PH levels
  • Seasonal Maintenance
    • Winterizing
    • Plant Prep

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We also offer landscaping services!

When all of the components of an ecosystem pond are assembled correctly, they form a beautiful, low- maintenance and natural work of art!

1 Pond Skimmer
2 BioFalls@ Filter
3 Pond Pump
4 Piping
5 Rocks and Gravel
6 Pond Liner and Underlayment
7 Plants and Fish